Ballrooms & Gardens

Rich in history with a perfect riverside setting, the Historic Hotel Baker is poised to delight an entirely new generation of those who appreciate the splendor of the past. The exquisite architecture is reminiscent of the glamorous era of the decadent 1920’s.

Whether you are planning on inviting only a few guests to share in your special day, or are hosting a gala fit for the Gatsby’s, the Historic Hotel Baker will make your day truly memorable and utterly magnificent.

The Rainbow Room

Our unique oval Rainbow Room offers both old-world elegance and romantic charm. The lovely lighted dance floor, richly detailed mahogany columns, circular balcony, and stunning views of the Rose Garden and Fox River provide a picture-perfect setting for your wedding day.

Rose Garden & Boathouse

Traditional English rose gardens are filled with equal parts beauty and bloom. Our Rose Garden at Hotel Baker is no exception. During the day, the sun’s rays filter onto the colorful rose petals amidst the green hedges. In the evening, our couples can share a romantic kiss beneath the sparkle of the trees which are all lit with the soft glow of thousands of golden lights.

Waterfront Ballroom & Patio

Our newly-renovated Waterfront Ballroom, with its large windows that overlook the Fox River, gorgeous European marble flooring, and elegant chandeliers, provides an ideal setting for our more intimate wedding receptions.