Exterior of Hotel Baker on the Fox River

Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois, isn’t your ordinary hotel; it’s where history meets Hollywood. This iconic venue played host to the high-profile wedding of Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg, a celebration that graced the pages of Us Weekly and captured the hearts of many. Additionally, Hotel Baker had its moment in the spotlight on the silver screen when it served as a backdrop for scenes in the suspenseful Netflix film “The Killer,” directed by David Fincher and starring Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton. With a blend of celebrity glamour, Hollywood allure, and a legacy of memorable weddings, Hotel Baker continues to be a place where history is made and stories are told.

Rowena and Joe Salas

Rowena & Joe Salas

Rowena & Joe Salas, Owner/Operators of Hotel Baker, passionately continue the legacy of this historic riverside property as a beacon of hospitality. Rowena, with her nursing background and managerial prowess, alongside Joe’s entrepreneurial spirit from IT consulting, together cultivate a warm, inviting atmosphere, offering guests an elegant, memorable stay in St. Charles.